Barbara's Courses

Barbara's Courses

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Repre$ent Your Brand Training

Learn how to increase your revenue with effective messaging & branding. You will leave with an elevator pitch, introduction, biography, 1-sheet, brand perception, social media image, photos, testimonies and more!

Speaker Presentation Skills

Crush the fear of public speaking and gain greater confidence. Discover how to take complete control over your fear of standing up in the front of the room and command the respect you deserve.

Office Productivity Software Skills

Learn tips, tricks and techniques to automate your email in Outlook, save time and energy with Word, understand Excel workbooks and formulas, and create dazzling PowerPoint presentations that energize your audience.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Brilliance has no ethnicity, race, culture or gender limitations. Incorporating a diverse pool of human resources brings strength, greater impact and valuable intellect to your organization. This hands-on, interactive workshop style training creates awareness and tolerance for organizations grappling with how to create a culture of mutual understanding and acceptance. Powerful strategies that when implemented correctly produce desired behavioral changes within your organization. Changes correlated to increased employee satisfaction, which ultimately increase the organizations impact in the marketplace which equates to more value in your bottom-line.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Even the suggestion of such conduct can have far-reaching consequences—and many harassment situations have damaging and sometimes devastating implications for both individuals and organizations. Offering this course will help to educate, clarify and create an expectation of conduct allowing your organization to eliminate, avoid or address future sexual harassment incidences. Prevent harassment claims and protect your business by educating your staff regarding harassment.

Organizational Leadership

Invest in this training to support organizational leaders. This training is tremendously valuable to an organization that values leader effectiveness since leaders must have strategies and skills necessary to handle conflict resolution, sexual harassment, victim rights, time management and meeting facilitation. The organization that spends time and dollars providing guidance as a top down initiative creates an atmosphere of cohesion, corporate consistency and commitment to a workplace with a standard of excellence.

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